About Mlambe Consulting Africa

Mlambe consulting Africa(MCAf) is an international award winning capacity building service provider in the areas of Organisations development (OD) and social studies. MCAF is a progressive consultancy provider which works to facilitate positive changes on its clients through the services it provides. Quality is our priority and as such our services have an international touch backed by team well of well-trained network of associate consultants. MCAf is based in Blantyre, Malawi in Southern Africa and was established in December 2000. For a decade, MCAf has become a force to reckon with in terms of quality services to a client base that spans over Southern Africa region, United Kingdom and Asia.

Our Inspiration

Mlambe is a Malawian vernacular term for the baobab tree. The Mlambe tree is indigenous to Africa and has a rich history and tradition in many societies across the continent. One of the world’s longest (over 2000 years) living tree species, the Mlambe stands gigantically in the hot and dry savannas and has multiple uses. Every part of the tree has a beneficial use to the people! It does not only support people’s needs, it also supports a numerous Wild Life such as insects, birds and small rodents – even larger animals have good stories to tell too! Others have dubbed it a complete ecosystem! The tree is also a traditional symbol of wisdom. Villagers gather to discuss matters affecting their communities including story telling under the Mlambe. Even community leaders preside over conflicts in the shade of this natural village court. Additionally, in some societies the tree has been regarded as a deity because symptomatic of holiness. The Mlambe is also well known for its resilience because it can endure long drought periods while other plants wilt.

The tree is so dear to Africa so much that in some countries it is a protected species while in others it has been declared a national monument. We at MCAf are proud to be associated with this great symbol of the African society and heritage as we share the same values reflecting versatility and effectiveness in our service delivery initiatives to clients!